Employees and consumers sign more than 40 trending petitions on Change.org calling on retailers including Sears to “save thanksgiving” following Sears announcement that “Black Friday” will take place Thanksgiving day.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Employees are joining consumers around the country in signing new petitions asking major retailers to save Thanksgiving and stop the “Black Friday creep.” Following a Sears announcement last week that the company would open store doors at 8 p.m. Thanksgiving evening, Change.org users launched more than 40 petitions calling on retailers to stick to Black Friday opening times. Matthew Frankowski, of Camp Hill, Pa., created a petition on Change.org asking Sears to let associates have Thanksgiving off with their families. “My wife works for Sears as a lead and they are forcing her to work two 12 hour shifts in a 30 hour period,” Frankowski said. “She will have no time before or after the holiday to spend with family. This goes out to all employees in the same position.” Linda Ricketts, of Woodbury, Conn., also created a petition on Change.org to Sears. “My husband works for Sears and loves his job,” she said. “He is always willing to fill in when additional help is needed. We want to have him home with us for Thanksgiving.” More than 7,500 residents from Sears' home state of Illinois joined the Black Friday petitions. “I think all stores should be closed on Thanksgiving,” Hoffman Estates resident Deborah Reyes said. “Everyone should have this time to spend with their family.” Roxanne DeRosa, of Naperville, said: “I, as a responsible consumer and retail employee, have never, nor will I ever, shop at a store that is open on holidays. If it is so important for your bottom line then all the corporate big shots should give up their holiday with their families and go in and open and work those stores on those hours.” In November, 2011 more than 200,000 people joined Target employee Anthony Hardwick's Change.org petition calling on Target to save Thanksgiving for its employees, their families and consumers by opening on Black Friday instead of on Thanksgiving itself. In addition to receiving national media coverage, Hardwick's petition inspired more than 150 other Change.org petitions asking major retailers to save Thanksgiving and put employees and families first. For more information on Change.org, please visit http://www.change.org/about.