These are the items you will find Only in Print in this week's East Peoria Times-Courier:

• Holiday Happenings calendar

• Costco Wholesale opens

• High School wrestling events

If you see this logo, Only in Print, in the East Peoria Times-Courier, it means that the item ONLY appears in the print edition of the East Peoria Times-Courier. The items cannot be found on our website at Likewise, on our website there are items that you won't find in the print edition, making each of our products valuable for readers.
For those who do not get the East Peoria Times-Courier or for those who want an extra copy, single copies of the newspaper are available for free at one of our locations in East Peoria. Copies of the newspaper may also be purchased for $1 each at our office at 1 News Plaza in Peoria.
We now also have a new location at Carl's Bakery (where the big chicken is located). Following is the updated list of the East Peoria Times-Courier newsstands. Newspapers are generally at the newsstands on Wednesdays.
• Carl's Donuts, 819 E. Camp
• Walgreen's, 300 N. Main
• Kroger, 201 S. Main
• Little Grocery, 200 A McKinley St.
• Phillips 66, 3701 E. Washington
• Tucker's Express, 1785 Meadows
• Springfield Road 66, 2000 Springfield Rd.