Mary Ann Doll had her wish come true days before Christmas.

Doll, 90, is a Passages Hospice patient. The group, based in Bloomington, works in conjunction with Hospice Dreams of Bradley to fulfill patients’ dreams.

Doll resides at Rosewood Care Center in East Peoria with her husband, George, 93.

On Dec. 19, Doll arrived at Serenitee Spa in East Peoria for a day of pampering.

Serenitee Spa manager Beth Weaver said the company donated 50 percent of the services, while the employees also donated their 50 percent to give Doll a day of free pampering.

Weaver said the employees are commissioned based and normally get paid 50 percent of the cost of a service.

“The wonderful people they are, they decided to donate their services,” Weaver said.

Tommie Chadwick styled Doll’s hair and Candice Moore gave her a pedicure. It was Doll’s first.

While Doll got her hair styled by Chadwick, the two women chatted.

“You get all this pampering today,” Chadwick told Doll. “I heard you’re looking forward to your pedicure.”

“Oh, yes,” Doll said.

Before Doll left, her husband George told the nurses, “Make sure you take care of her and bring her back safe.”

Doll said she is originally from Nebraska. She met her husband George at a roller skating rink and they have been married for 71 years.

“Those were the good old days,” Doll said.

Sitting in the salon chair as Chadwick curled her bangs, Doll asked where the complaint department was, adding she was joking.

“They didn’t tell me you were ornery,” Chadwick said.

“They didn’t know,” Doll replied.

After her hair was done, Doll picked out a red nail polish in honor of Christmas for her toes.

Hospice Dreams is also working to fulfill a wish for George. He wants to ride in a helicopter.

“Just seeing the smile on their face is priceless, just giving them a special day. That’s what it’s all about,” Yesi Lizama, a nurse with Passages, said.