1. The Pekin City Council on Monday amended a plan to use U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Community Development Block Grant Funds to pay code enforcement officers and build sidewalks.

Several charitable leaders asked the Council to remove items in the 2017-18 Action Plan that would not benefit the needy. The Council removed $82,207 designated for code enforcement and $85,000 for sidewalks and put that money, totaling $167,207, back into Owner Occupied Rehabilitation Program. The money can be used for low to moderate income residents to upgrade their homes or for emergencies such as a broken furnace or roof collapse.

The Council voted 5-1 in favor of the amended plan with Councilman John Abel voting no. Mayor John McCabe was absent.


2. The Council voted 6-0 to ban parking on both sides of South Fifth Street by the Pekin Park District Sports Complex.

Pekin Park District Police Chief Tom Conlin said that residents of Deerfield Estates have complained about the cars along the street that limit visibility. Conlin said that people park there so they don’t have to walk to the far fields. Children get out on the road as cars are trying to pass, said Conlin. South Fifth Street is a two lane narrow road with no shoulders.

The sports complex was built several years ago and has facilities for football, soccer and softball. The land was donated to the Pekin Park District by an anonymous donor.


3. The Council approved an employee assistance plan with Chestnut Global Partners in a 6-0 vote.

The plan has been a part of the city since 2005. City Manager Tony Carson said the plan is used by a large portion of the employees and their family members. It provides counseling and referral services to help with personal, professional and other issues. It also provides training sessions and website access with self-assessments.

The plan cost the city $10,164.

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