EAST PEORIA — To help avoid scams and ensure solicitors are lawfully registered, East Peoria Police are urging residents to ask any door-to-door salesperson for the city of East Peoria solicitors certificate.

There have been resident questions about safety and the legitimacy of some door-to-door salespeople. According to Police Deputy Chief Shannon Swearingen, door-to-door salespeople must possess a solicitor's certificate of registration obtained from the East Peoria Police Department.

"No matter what the door-to-door salesperson is selling, whether it is electric rate alternatives, driveway paving or magazine subscriptions, residents should request to see the registration issued by the City of East Peoria," Swearingen said in prepared remarks. "Some solicitors may be attempting to take advantage of citizens who may not know the city's requirements."

Violators may be arrested and issued a notice to appear in court.