Once on the popular television show, “The Captain Jinks Show,” as Bosun Joe, Joe McGuire has taken up artistry again by teaching at the Fon du Lac administration building.

Once on the popular television show, “The Captain Jinks Show,” as Bosun Joe, Joe McGuire has taken up artistry again by teaching at the Fon du Lac administration building. McGuire took a couple of art classes in college but did not paint until 12 years ago until his wife, Kathy, bought him a Bob Ross class. He said he did not like the idea of it but it really helped him realize that he loved to paint. “I kept painting and taking other classes,” said McGuire. The class was held on Tuesdays from 10-11:30 a.m. with 12 participants in attendance to learn the basic techniques from McGuire. The most recent classes were focused on the water color painting of a photograph of a wooden scene taken by McGuire. “It's a great group to work with. These folks are wonderful and they're quick learners and they really do listen,” said McGuire. His teaching style is based around the basic shapes and placement of the elements to ensure that students will have a good foundation for the paintings. McGuire mentioned how a few of his previous instructors were not as focused on the placement of elements and the difficulty that followed working around it. “If you can get the elements in the right place to start, it makes the whole rest of the class so much easier,” McGuire said. Although many of the paintings will look different, each one will have its own personalized style, McGuire said. “The hardest thing is to get the student to try to be impulsive,” said McGuire. “They want to come in and they want to be really precise. Just to get them to feel impulsive, because that's how colors really work in nature. They're all over the place.” His enthusiastic and encouraging method of teaching has made the class enjoyable for all those who attend. “It's fun, it's a nice break. He's very relaxed and doesn't make you feel as stupid as you really are,” said a jokingly Roger Malcolm. Malcolm said he has done some water color painting in the past but wishes to continue under the instruction of McGuire. Another member of the art class, Susane Lindsey, has worked with acrylics before and entered in competitions in grade school for art charcoal. “I'm like it very well,” said Lindsey. “(I) plan to attend any of them, we're looking forward to it.” Growing up, McGuire has always been on the artistic side of things. He attended Illinois State University as an art major and had a weekly editorial cartoon in the Vidette called “College Joe.” During school he interned at WEEK-TV which would inevitably lead him to his placement on “The Captain Jinks Show” on the same station from 1978-82. On the show, McGuire was featured twice a week as Bosun Joe. The first day would be an instructional viewing to teach the kids how to draw and his next appearance would be a presentation of the Bosun Joe Game where kids would guess what he was drawing. “It's a little thing about my art past that's kind of fun,” said McGuire. He said how people still recognize him from the show. “A lot of people, still, to this day remember me from that. Heck, I'll be at Kroger or somewhere and people will say, 'Hey, aren't you Bosun Joe?',” said McGuire. McGuire is still learning different painting techniques by taking lessons in Door County, Wis., with his wife. “Personally, I will always take classes too. You're never too old to learn more or study the techniques and styles of another painter and I will always do that as well,” McGuire said. More information about McGuire and his instructional classes or caricature events can be found on his website at www.JoeTheArtGuy.com