A few thoughts for those obsessed with the matter of abortion:

A woman may feel that her health is “threatened” by a pregnancy. In that case, she should not feel intimidated or obligated to be an “incubator,” forced to placate the sanctimonious zealots among us who wrongly think that abortion is uniformly evil. It is not so, as the life of the living mother must take precedence over that of the unborn.

According to Talmudic Law, the “unborn” is not yet a “person.” Thus, abortion — while admittedly a sad thing — is not “murder.”

The definition of “life” is simply the ability of a DNA-infused entity to endlessly duplicate itself. Viruses, sperm cells, and amebae qualify. “Life” is not the same as “personhood.” Furthermore, a blastocyst or an embryo is no more a “baby” than is an unmated ovum or sperm cell.

Pregnancy is a unique biological circumstance. It is potentially dangerous and can kill. Let the pregnant woman determine her fate. It’s really no one else’s business, unless she asks for guidance. Then the self-righteous can weigh in with all their dogma.

To the extent that Planned Parenthood teaches its clients how to be healthy and how to avoid unwanted or unhealthy pregnancies, it actually decreases the number of abortions. Thus, it would be more logical for the “pro-life” segment to support Planned Parenthood rather than to malign it.

Only a barbaric society would restrict the ability of a woman to have a safe abortion in a proper medical setting.

Eli Goodman, MD