We do a lot online these days.

Shop. Apply for a job. Pay a bill. Order a pizza.

Kim Brooks-Miller thought it was about time people who need counseling get the help they need online, so she launched Your Story Confidential in November after eight months of extensive research and planning.

People struggling with anxiety, depression, grief and loss, pet loss, aging, post-abortion struggles, relationship problems and eating disorders can get help in a virtual office from licensed counselors and certified life coaches who practice in the area.

They can get that help through communications platforms like text messaging, email, live chats, phone calls and video chats.

A Your Story Confidential client chooses a counselor or coach through a directory and the first session is free.

“Getting the confidential help that you need, on your terms,” is the purpose of Your Story Confidential, according to the business’ flier.

Brooks-Miller said the credentials of the Your Story Confidential coaches and counselors are verified, and software and practices are HIPAA compliant.

HIPAA is a federal law that protects the privacy of someone’s medical and health information.

For counselors and coaches, Your Story Confidential provides “a private practice with no overhead, no office, better scheduling and fee flexibility,” according to the business’ flier.

Brooks-Miller said she earns revenue for her business from counselors and coaches.

“Like virtual rent,” she said.

A Tazewell County resident, Brooks-Miller is perhaps best known in the area as the publisher of Healthy Cells magazine for six years and the host of the “Healthy You” radio show on WPEO for four years.

Brooks-Miller sold the magazine and stopped doing the radio show in May 2016.

“I enjoyed both very much, but it was time for me to do something different,” she said.

That something different was a concept she began thinking about a few years earlier.

Based on her experience as a corporate recruiter, she said, there was a need for people who had privacy concerns and time constraints to get appropriate counseling.

Everyone from the executive who is worried about job security to the busy single mom with three children at home.

“Plus, for some reason there is a real stigma associated with counseling,” she said.

Your Story Confidential offers Christian-based counseling, and Brooks-Miller is clear in her founder's message on the business' website about the important role faith plays in her personal and professional lives.

“I feel blessed to do Your Story Confidential because it’s a calling,” she said. “The Lord has led me to do it. I’ve prayed about it.”

For more information, go to Your Story Confidential’s website at www.yourstoryconfidential.com or send an email to info@yourstoryconfidential.com.

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