Keep your snow shovels ready and park your vehicles off the street, at least into Wednesday.

That advice comes courtesy of the National Weather Service and, regarding parking bans, police departments including Pekin’s, as more snow appears heading the area’s way.

No significant accidents were reported in Pekin or Tazewell County in the wake of the winter’s deepest snowfall so far Monday night. Eight minor accidents in Pekin produced no injuries, said police Public Information Officer Billie Ingles.

National Weather Service observers recorded a total of 4.2 inches in both Pekin and Peoria from the gentle four-hour snowfall that began late Monday afternoon. 

That was twice the amount to trigger a snow-route parking ban in Pekin that Ingles said also included side streets. By early evening, East Peoria and Creve Coeur also issued traffic collision reporting alerts and joined Pekin in city-wide parking bans.

They remained in effect in Pekin through Tuesday morning, as the week’s second snow wave approached.

“We’re looking at 2 to 3 inches” before that wave ebbs early Wednesday morning, said NWS meteorologist Matt Barnes.

Vehicles returned along the curbs of Pekin’s main traffic arteries, including Court Street, after city trucks plowed them clear by early Tuesday. No tickets were evident on their windshields, but that was likely to change if the vehicles remained into the night.

Ingles called on motorists “to use common sense” if Tuesday night’s snow reaches 2 inches. Tickets with $100 fines will come to vehicles on both snow routes and side streets until they’re plowed, she said.

After Wednesday morning, Barnes said the Pekin-Peoria area can expect cold temperatures but no more snow until Thursday night, when perhaps an inch will accumulate into Friday morning. More light snow should arrive Saturday, he said.

Next week, it may start to melt.

“We’ll see temperatures rising above freezing by Tuesday, with small chances of precipitation for now,” Barnes said.