EAST PEORIA — By now, everybody knows the error of drinking and driving. East Peoria police are cautioning this weekend's St. Patrick's Day revelers to be careful drinking and walking.

"Pedestrians are at risk too," said Sgt. John Kamm in an East Peoria Police Department news release reminding motorists, and pedestrians, about the dangers of impaired holiday celebrations. "Even a sober driver is a risk if you are drinking and walking. Designated drivers: Be alert for impaired walkers who may not obey street signs and pedestrian signals."

The East Peoria Police Department will conduct special patrols on St. Patrick's Day to "crack down" on drunken drivers and encourage people to wear their seat belts.

"We're urging our community's residents and guests to plan ahead for St. Patrick's Day celebrations," Kamm said. "If you're going to drink, designate a sober driver before you go out. Remember it's not just about you. There are other people on the roads who want to get where they are going safely."

The Peoria Police Department also announced Wednesday that it will conduct special patrols this St. Patrick’s Day to crack down on drunk drivers and encourage people to wear their seat belts.

The police are reminding celebrants to hand over their car keys to the designated driver, to call a cab or use ride-sharing, have a sober friend or family member pick you up or stay where you are and "sleep it off."

The Illinois St. Patrick's Day Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign is funded by federal highway safety funds administered through the Illinois Department of Transportation.