HANNA CITY — Wildlife Prairie Park has a new baby among its menagerie of animals.

Last month, a new otter pup, child of mother Annie and father Oakley, was born. The parents have lived at the park for nearly their entire lives, and are likely to be less visible in their enclosure over the next few months as they care for the newborn pup.

The baby is so new that park staff aren't even sure if it's a male or female.

That's because new pups tend to stay close to their mother for the first month or so of their lives, with eyes that aren't yet open, according to park spokeswoman Eva Kirschbaum. That means that veterinarians haven't even been able to examine the pup yet or determine its gender.

The pup was born March 18, and is likely to make its first public appearance during the summer at the 1,800-acre outdoor park. In the meantime park staff will be posting periodic photos on the park's social media accounts.

Kirschbaum said a naming contest is likely once the baby gets a little older and ready to appear in public.