A jury convicted a Kewanee man Friday of severely beating his girlfriend after she tried to stop him from driving drunk.

Brian Washburn, 46, faces up to 14 years in prison when he’s sentenced June 12 for aggravated domestic battery and felony domestic battery. He was acquitted of aggravated kidnapping.

In his trial that began Tuesday, jurors learned that Washburn broke the woman’s jaw and nose and choked her during the couple’s hour-long drive home from a Pekin tavern in November 2016.

Washburn was very intoxicated at the bar when he grabbed his girlfriend’s car keys and said he was leaving, a prosecutor said. When she followed him into the car and tried to keep him from driving, he punched her as he drove, until she managed to jump from the car.

Washburn chased and caught her, brought her back to the car and continued his assault during their 57-mile drive back to Kewanee, the prosecutor said.

Back home, he locked the woman in a bedroom where she stayed until Washburn’s son came to the home two days later, the jury heard.

A prior domestic battery conviction doubles Washburn’s maximum sentence in the case. He’ll be held in custody with his bond revoked until he’s sentenced.