The Peoria Bomb Squad was called to the 1300 block of Broadway Street in Pekin in response to a possible incendiary device found while a search warrant was being executed this morning.

Pekin Police Public Information Officer Billie Ingles said that the Central Illinois Emergency Response Team served a search warrant at 10 a.m. Wednesday and found the device while executing the search. The Peoria Bomb Team was called in. 

Ingles said she did not know if the building is a single family home or an apartment building. She said there were people in the building when CIERT arrived.

“The area has been sectioned off where they feel it might be affected if a bomb or incendiary device goes off,” said Ingles. She said she is not sure when CIERT will issue a statement.

Ingles said she did not know what the CIERT Team search warrant was related to.

North 13th Street resident Norma Payne said she heard the commotion this morning and saw the CIERT Team enter the building. She said they brought out a man and a woman, who were taken away.

“I didn’t know what was going on,” said Payne. 

She said a lot of people come and go from the building.

Ingles later reported that an incendiary device was found and the Peoria Bomb Squad took care of the device.

Ingles said an arrest was made in the process of executing the warrant.

"Everything is back to normal over there," Ingles said. "Everybody is in their residence."