What’s going on here:

Carver Randall “Termite” Head on Tuesday carved Father Time into the trunk of a dead ash tree in Pekin to watch over the ceramic fairies in the garden of Brenda Stewart.

Head, of Tremont, is a carver of 20 years. Each carving is “a one of a kind — I never do the same thing twice,” he said. His carvings are all across the United States and as far away as Germany. Head grew up on a horse farm in Tremont. His father, Bobby Head, was an artist and a craftsman that worked in wood and metals. Head followed his lead. Termite’s first carving was of a walking stick, he said.

Jim and Brenda Stewart, of 218 Schramm Drive, Pekin, gave Head some ideas of what they wanted and Head developed the concept in his own head and went to work on Monday.

“Father Time looks after the fairies in the Black Forrest,” said Head.

The project will be completed Friday, at which time the Pekin Daily Times will publish a full story on Head and his work in the daily edition of the newspaper. With that story, will be a photo gallery of Head’s work on the carving throughout the week. A video will also be posted online later in the week that shows how his worked progressed throughout the week.