Clue # 5

Alec Baldwin, a King George
Desi Arnaz and even Luke Perry.
Names with something in common;
Research well and do not tarry

Look high and low very carefully.
Things standing out, meant to be seen.
So many natural surroundings,
Part of a broken sea of green.


“A Community Obsession”

Grand Prize: Winner’s Choice FOR 2!

3 or 4 Night All-Inclusive Trip to Cancun Mexico

(depending on season/pricing) 

or 4 Night Las Vegas Vacation
 (Air & Hotel)

(Only one Grand Prize Winner. 
Prize packages are not negotiable

and cannot be redeemed for cash.)


Clue updates: 346-HUNT

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2018 Pepsi Marigold Medallion designed

and created by Zariah Wherry


Every year at the end of August, Pekin’s amateur detectives and determined sleuths prepare for the Pepsi Marigold Medallion Hunt.  They pit their interpretive skills with theMedallion Hunt Cluemeister who has carefully hidden the small disc somewhere on public property and then releases “clues” on a daily basis. The clues carry double-meaning, veiled references, and carefully disguised hints all designed to bring out the

“DaVinci Code” enthusiast in all of us. Families, friends, co-workers and even neighborhoods collaborate in an attempt to discover the Medallion’s hidden location. The finder will discover that a very nice prize - a trip for two awaits them courtesy of our generous friends at Pepsi. But, as history has shown, it is the excitement of being the one person who “has figured it all out” that often represents the greatest prize of all.


Good Luck

The Hunt always commences the Monday before Labor Day. Clues are released Monday through Saturday, giving hunters the rest of the weekend to make their finding. If not discovered by Labor Day, the seventh clue will be released that morning. Remember that the Medallion will be found on PUBLIC PROPERTY - whether within or contiguous to city boundaries, or owned by a Pekin Public body. Hunters do not need to dig up or climb up to find the Medallion. It may be carefully camouflaged or hidden within something easily accessible and not requiring disassembly. The chosen hiding place is always selected with safety and accessibility given the highest consideration. Please see the Pekin Area Chamber of Commerce for further disclaimers.

Thank you Pepsi, for 31 years of support!