Attitudes with Tails Grooming Salon in East Peoria is philosophically an extension of owner Rhonda Stramka’s other business: Green Acres Pet Services.

At both establishments, a pet’s comfort and happiness come first. Green Acres in Creve Coeur offers pet walking and sitting services in the pet’s home. Attitudes with Tails provides pet grooming services in a friendly, free-range environment.

“The salon is designed for animals that have anxiety and special needs,” said Stramka. “It’s free range, which means there is no crate time unless it has to happen. It’s cozy and kind of like home. We want the pets to feel relaxed.”

Stramka and Tails groomer Tanya Knapp can provide personalized customer service because they have kept the establishment small, stressing quality over quantity.

“We do not overbook,” Stramka said. “There might be only two family pets in here at one time. Dogs that have high anxiety don’t do well in (bigger salons), where there are a lot of barking dogs and they’re there all day stuck in a cage. Here, they get individual care, and we call their owners when we’re done. They get picked up, and they get to go home right away.”

Stramka took up pet grooming five years ago because her own pets never enjoyed salon visits. She had been running a grooming business from her home before she opened her East Peoria storefront last November when she reached an arrangement with a friend, Dawn Page Eckvall, owner of Attitudes and Nail Images, for the use of part of the building. 

“This place gave me a chance to hire a groomer, which meant I got to give somebody a job,” Stramka said. “It’s also more centrally located than my basement.”

Stramka did not open Attitudes with Tails to become rich, she said. Her chief concern is alleviating the trauma that many pets associate with a visit to a high-volume salon.

“I hope more families with animals that have anxiety about salon visits find us and use us,” she said.

Attitudes with Tails is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday at 200 Anna St., East Peoria. For more information about Attitudes with Tails and Green Acres Pet Services, visit