PEORIA — The baseball bat was mightier than the gun. In one recent case in Central Peoria, at least.

An employee of Discount Smoke Shop used the bat to stave off an attempted armed robbery last weekend, according to police.

About 5:45 p.m. Saturday, a man walked into the store in a strip mall at 121 E. Lake Ave. and pointed a gun at the employee's head, a police report stated. An accomplice entered the store thereafter.

The armed man then walked behind the store counter and continued to point the gun at the employee.

According to the report, the employee slapped away the gun, then grabbed a baseball bat and swung it at both men. They ran from the store, without cash or merchandise.

As he departed, the armed man apparently recovered the gun and pointed it at the employee on the way out the door, according to surveillance video.

In an interview with a police officer, the employee said the armed man pointed a gun at him and told him to open the cash register. In response, the employee shouted a two-word obscenity at him.

When the second suspect demanded the same action, the employee provided an almost-identical response. Then he grabbed the bat.

The employee didn't notify police until Monday, the report stated. When asked why, the employee said the suspects took no money, so he didn't see the need.

The officer told the employee he should have called police immediately.