Sen. Tammy Duckworth, Democrat: “Tonight, we saw the same reckless rhetoric that has been a signature of Donald Trump’s presidency. Instead of attempting to unite the country and bring people together after the ridiculous and unnecessary government shutdown, the President played on America’s internal divisions and employed his usual xenophobic attacks on immigrants. Instead of proposing ethics reforms to clean up Washington, he asked Congress and law enforcement to stop investigating misconduct in his administration – and he missed a critical opportunity to present credible, thoughtful solutions to some of the serious challenges facing our country like our crumbling infrastructure and rising health care costs. The American people are counting on their elected leaders to come together on these difficult issues and pass common-sense solutions. It’s unfortunate that the commander-in-chief did not use tonight as an opportunity to change course or deliver a positive and inclusive message that moves us forward as a nation.”

Rep. Darin LaHood, R-Peoria: “President Trump laid out a bold, unifying message tonight focused on advancing priorities that constituents of the 18th District care deeply about. Whether it’s promoting a pro-growth agenda that has spurred record economic growth, repairing our nation’s infrastructure system, passing the USMCA through Congress, protecting the lives of the unborn, or rebuilding our military, I applaud the President for putting forth a message of a stronger America. However, as we have seen the effect a trade war has had on farmers and manufacturers throughout central and west-central Illinois, I would encourage the President to place more emphasis on a speedy solution to the negotiations with China, rather than legislation encouraging additional tariffs.

“Furthermore, he made it clear, we must secure our border. Border security is critical to the well-being of our nation and has been widely supported by both parties but has become highly politicized of late. As the President highlighted in his address, there are plenty of areas where Congress can work across the aisle to provide for a more prosperous union. Now more than ever, I hope my colleagues on both sides heed this call to action, so we can continue to forge ahead towards a better America today and for future generations.”

Rep. Cheri Bustos, D-Moline: “I was pleased that tonight’s address included a much-needed commitment to invest in our infrastructure. For years, I’ve worked to bring both parties together on this issue – and House Democrats are ready to work with the president on a trillion-dollar plan to create good-paying jobs and rebuild our crumbling roads, bridges, hospitals, and locks and dams. I’m also hopeful we can work together to bring down the cost of prescription drugs for seniors and families and, as the president proposed, make meaningful investments to fight conditions such as childhood cancer. However, the families we serve deserve real solutions – not just soundbites. Farmers cannot ‘choose greatness’ when the president’s trade war is eliminating the very markets where they need to sell their goods. And people with pre-existing conditions cannot ‘choose greatness’ when Washington Republicans continue working to rip away their critical patient protections.

“The president spoke at length about bridging divides and healing wounds. I hope these weren’t just lines in a speech – but that he will stick to his word to find common ground and avoid another government shutdown in the coming weeks. The American people sent us here to govern with a purpose – not to bicker, but to find solutions and to solve problems. That’s what I’ve always aimed to do during my tenure in Congress. I’ll continue working with anyone willing on either side of the aisle to bring down the cost of health care, to invest in our infrastructure and to clean up the rampant corruption in Washington.”

Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Channahon: "The American economy is booming, and it’s encouraging to see the real-life benefits of our pro-growth policies help hard-working families in IL-16 and across the country. The surge in manufacturing and other fields has created thousands of jobs and boosted confidence in our markets. The unemployment rate fell to the lowest it’s been in nearly 50 years, while wage growth is on the rise. I’m glad the President used his opportunity tonight to share this good news with the American people, and remind us that despite our many challenges, the State of our Union is strong."

Sen. Richard "Dick" Durbin, Democrat: "What is the state of the union under President Trump? Affordable health insurance — including for people with pre-existing conditions — is at risk because of a lawsuit filed by Republican Attorneys General and supported by this President and his Administration. The basic services of our government are at risk because of President Trump’s 35-day shutdown and threat to do it again next week. Our national security is at risk because of threats to NATO, a return to an arms race, and a phony caravan crisis at our southern border all brought on by this President. Our planet is at risk because this President and his party have broken with every nation on Earth in their opposition to responsibly address climate change. Our economy is at risk because President Trump’s tax scam left the middle class behind.

"And America’s confidence in our government is at risk because we’ve been shaken by this President and his Cabinet riddled with corruption and conflicts of interest. When this President says his Administration is unlike anything in the history of this country, there is no argument that he’s right. Bipartisanship is critical, and I applaud the President’s message tonight urging us all to work across the aisle and find ways to get things done to best serve the American people. It’s truly on each of us to keep the American Dream alive – through hard work, civility towards one another, and united in our love of freedom, we can leave our country stronger and safer for the next generation.”