Mad Dog Cleaning Service goes beyond normal cleaning tasks

Connie Andrews TimesNewspapers
Dawn Page shown in her office with grids of jobs and employees shown on the wall behind.

There is a new sign in town, but the business has been around for about 10 years. 

The sign states “Mad Dog Cleaning Service — We Don’t Cut Corners, We Clean Them.”  

Owner and operator Dawn Page is a stickler for quality and is no stranger to hard work. For many years she has gotten down on her hands and knees and scrubbed floors and cleaned bathrooms. She still does, although now she has many employees to help. 

“Right now, I have the best core of employees for my entire history, but I also have an entire tote filled with folders of employees that didn’t work out. This job is very labor intensive. It is physically hard work,” Page said.

Cleaning is not the biggest challenge in her business. Page said her biggest challenge is finding good employees. She is currently looking to add to her list of employees. 

“If you work, I’m going to give you a job. You’re going to make money,” she said. 

The services Mad Dog Cleaning offers are many. Besides basic cleaning, carpet cleaning and stripping/waxing floors are offered. The price for their services is about $25 an hour with a two hour minimum. There are also some tasks not typically thought of when hiring a cleaning service that they perform. A few elderly customers ask them to carry boxes up or downstairs, vacuum the car, sweep the garage, or even water plant and flowers. Page said they are happy to oblige. 

“Anything they want us to do, we can do,” she said.

She stated that her business, which is licensed, insured and bonded is not only for homes. She got her big break when she landed a commercial job, Finish Line Ford in Peoria. The owner there, who is also female, gave her a chance, Page said, because she was a like-minded female business owner. They also have a big bank which is six days a week she said. The list of clients also includes Mike Murphy Ford in Morton and the Velde dealership in Peoria. 

Page recently hired a manager, Lorie Woodward, who has made her life easier. She also said her husband, Tom Page, is a huge help to her. 

Page said, “I have noticed a pattern in good employees. You work as a team, father/son, mother/daughter, business owner/employee. There is also a husband/wife team.”  

She has a couple of employees, besides the teams, that are great workers, such as Rhonda Stramka, who is a business owner herself and Laurenette Wishtart. Of Wishtart, Page said, “She is a fantastic employee, very loyal. She was like a godsend.”

The most challenging cleaning job she was asked to tackle came about when sending two of her employees on a job that was just supposed to be the four hour $100 special.

“The two girls called her a few minutes after arriving and asked ‘Have you seen this place?’” Page said. 

Page went to the location to inspect and found, among other things, a 2 foot tall ground squirrel nest behind the headboard in the master bedroom. She said there was dog and cat feces, and mice amid all the other things that littered the house. She told the owners that the first thing they needed to do was rent a dumpster. Altogether it took close to three months to clean the house. 

“The homeowners were very appreciative. Do people right and usually it comes back better on you,” Page said. 

When asked how the name Mad Dog came about, Page said it came from the initials of her and her former sidekick in the business, Meg Payne. They took M and D and came up with the name of Mad Dog. Although Payne is not a part of the business anymore, the name stuck. 

The business is located at 205 Schertz Road in East Peoria. Page owns the building, which is also home to Bella Mia Photography with some extra space available to rent. 

To request an appointment for cleaning services or for more information, call Page at 966-0060.